Work Published Online


Mitigating, Pithead Chapel


Marble, Necklace, Clock, Gravel Magazine


Sometimes This is Enough, Talking Book

Top Ten Resolutions I Will Not Be Upholding in 2017, Talking Book

We Are All At Risk, Paper Darts


Anatomy, Split Lip

Kill Me With It/ Six Underground, New South

She Knows, Corium

Grit, Crack the Spine

War Dolls, Little Fiction

The Creation of Suffering, decomP

Roots Take Over, Revolution John

The Sugar From Your Mouth, Knee Jerk

The Wedding Ring, Hippocampus

His Teeth, The Collapsar

The Roach that Crawled up My Leg like a Fat, Tame Petting Zoo Animal and Nine Other Reasons I Quit Waitressing at Bennigan’s Without Giving Notice, Talking Book

Ten Times Food was Emotionally Significant for me in 2016, Little Fiction


We Are the Hallwalkers, Hobart

Simon Says, I Rebuke You, Litro Mag

Swallow, The Other Stories

The Contents of Her Stomach, Cease, Cows

A Good Brain, People Holding

You Have What I Want, Third Point Press

Breakable, Heavy Feather

Exit Music, HYPERtext Magazine

An Abomination of Platypus, The Molotov Cocktail

Dogtooth, Change Seven


Gumdrop, The Butter

We Sink Like Ships, Heavy Feather Review


I Knew You Would Belong to Me, HYPERtext Magazine


Fire, wigleaf

The Breathing Dead, PANK

Delaney, Bluestem

Work Published In Print


Slimer, Hypertext Review


Ecotone, Flapperhouse

Peaceful Creatures, Dostoevsky Wannabe Cassette 94


Jack Sprat, Black Candies Gross and Unlikeable Issue

Midas Girls, Hypertrophic


Two Souls/ Necessary Dark/ Body and Blood, Witch Craft Mag


The Heart of God: PANK Magazine, Hair Trigger 30, Lark Sparrow Press

Awards and Honors


Slimer, Nominated for Best American Short Stories


His Teeth, Nominated for Best of the Net

Fire, wigleaf top 50


Jack Sprat, Nominated for Pushcart Prize

War Dolls, Nominated for Pushcart Prize

The Creation of Suffering, Nominated for Pushcart Prize


The Contents of Her Stomach, Awarded Best of the Net

You Have What I Want, Nominated for Best of the Net

Dogtooth, Nominated for Best of the Net

First Lines of I Knew You Would Belong to Me and The Breathing Dead, Placed second and honorable mention, respectively, in Easy Street Magazine’s Greatest American Sentence Contest

Exit Music, Finalist in Heavy Feather Review Chapbook Contest


We Sink Like Ships, Nominated for Pushcart Prize

Gumdrop, Positive Review in Change Seven


Delaney, Nominated for Best of the Net

The Heart of God, Nominated for Pushcart Prize


The Heart of God, First place Traditional Fiction Columbia Scholastic Press Association Awards 2009


Chelsea Laine Wells Creative Writing-Fiction Scholarship, The Chelsea Laine Wells Creative Writing – Fiction Scholarship is open to incoming transfer students who intend on majoring in Creative Writing – Fiction at Columbia College Chicago.  It was set up in her honor upon her graduation by an alum.

Into the Eye of You, Second place Essays Columbia Scholastic Press Association Awards


Simon Says, I Rebuke You, Second Place Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition



Contributers’ Corner, Heavy Feather Review


Ask the Author, PANK

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